These installation instructions are applicable for CdConnect Volvo.

Installation difficulty and procedure varies depending on car and model. The basic principle is that the stereo needs to be partly removed from the panel in order to access the connectors on the back.

Once the stereo is removed:

  • Connect the black and round metal contact to the corresponding connector at the stereo. It will only fit at one place.
  • Connect the square-like and black contact to the CdConnect intelligence box.
  • Connect the two green contacts to each other.
  • Put the CdConnect intelligence box behind the stereo and route the 3.5 mm audio cable through the panel (usually there are some storage compartments in the mid-console through which it is suitable to let the cable out).
  • Assemble the car and the interior you have removed. Turn on the ignition, press the CD-button twice and connect whatever music player you would like to the 3.5 mm jack and ENJOY!
  • Doesn't work? For some stereos it is necessary to physically disconnect the power in order for the stereo to recognize that it now has a "Cd-changer".

A side note: When the power is disconnected to some, especially older, stereos you may need the radio code to reactivate it.

Removal of stereos

We don't intend to provide a full coverage of stereo removal procedure, but below are some hints. The difficulty of the removal operation differs. At some cars, like the V40 in the video below, it take less than 5 minutes to complete the installation while at others such as the S80 it will require removal of some interior parts (shift bezel and the climate control) and could hence take an hour or more.

Observe that there is live electricity in the car! Make sure to take the right prevent actions in order not to get injured!



Install CDConnect Bluetooth on a Volvo V40 (~4 min)

This video is made by us, again together with a happy customer (David), thanks again!

Install CDConnect on a Volvo V40 (~3.5 min) (cable version)

Video is in Swedish but it is rather easy to follow.

This video is made by us, together with a happy customer (David), thanks a lot!